Maastricht Academic 
Chamber Orchestra (MACO)

is a project based orchestra founded in 2019 by Leon Frantzen.
We are based in Maastricht (NL) and most of our musicians are students or alumni of the Conservatorium Maastricht.

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For years the students of the Conservatorium Maastricht have been experiencing a decline in the number of offered symphonic projects. Although the conservatory offers a wide range of activities, the possibility to gain symphonic orchestral experience is very limited. Usually once per year the conservatory offers a symphonic project with a professional conductor and a great soloist, but this single project only offers the experience to a select few students. For example, of the clarinet class of the conservatory, which consists of about 15 students, only 3 will be eligible to gain orchestral experience in the academic year.  

MACO realises how important symphonic orchestral experience is for these students, because most of the graduated students from the Maastricht Conservatory who will find a job, will find it in a symphonic orchestra. The gained orchestral experience plays a large role for them in getting through their trial period. 

Therefore MACO strives to provide symphonic orchestral experience on a high level throughout the whole year. We focus on both programmes from the classical period and from the romantic period, which will serve our musicians for their future careers in music. 

Our Projects

Since MACO’s mission is to provide orchestral experience on a high level to music students and highly skilled amateurs we want to give our musicians the oppurtunity to make music in different settings. Therefore we provide programs in both chamber music settings and also in larger orchestral settings.

Our team

The MACO board consists of students of the Maastricht conservatory who have been confronted with the fact that there are very few initiatives in the south of the Netherlands to gain orchestral experience on a high level:

Stijn Waterval

Chairman; chief conductor

Leon Frantzen

Artistic manager

Camiel Lemmens


Hugo Pieters


Bregje DEckers

Public relations

Twan Bartholomee

Organizational advisor